2014 Berkeley Faculty Service Award to Professors Margaretta Lovell and Joseph Cerny
2014 Berkeley Faculty Service Award

The Committee on Faculty Awards (FAC) is pleased to nominate Professors Margaretta Lovell and Joseph Cerny to receive the Berkeley Faculty Service Award for 2014. The Berkeley Faculty Service Award has been established to honor members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate for their outstanding and dedicated service to the campus, and whose activities as a faculty member have significantly enhanced the quality of the campus as an educational institution and community of scholars. The FAC proposes these two individuals as outstanding examples of Senate involvement and dedication to shared governance as expressed in this award, and we trust that the Divisional Council will endorse our selection of these exceptional colleagues.

  • Margaretta Lovell
    Jay D. McEvoy Chair in the History of American Art

    Margaretta Lovell is Jay D. McEvoy Chair in the History of American Art in the Department of the History of Art. Professor Lovell has served across a wide range of Senate committees since the mid-1990s, showing a remarkably sustained commitment and concern for the academic community at Berkeley; she is the apotheosis of the commitment to shared governance of our community that the Faculty Service Award celebrates. In 2003-04 she served with distinction as Director of the American Studies program. Many of her Senate appointments have taken her ex officio onto further committees; a brief summary of her outstanding contributions shows her working, as committee member or as chair, on matters that are vital to the good working of our community:

    Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships and Honors, 1996-98
    Committee on Educational Policy, 1999-2007 (chair 2003-06)
    University Athletics Board, 2005-06
    Committee on Academic Planning & Resource Allocation, 2011-14 (ex officio)
    Committee on Library, 2011-2014 (chair except for 2012-13)
    Commission on the Future of the UC Berkeley Library, 2012-13 (ex officio)
    Senate Athletics Council, April 2013-14 (ex officio)

    In particular, we might comment on her having taken on the role of chair of the Committee on Library when library and computing issues were combined. This was, of course, a remarkably demanding assignment, at a time of difficult and continuing transitions. Professor Lovell has been commended for the warmth and understanding of both sides that she brought to the task. She made a judicious and well-balanced proposal to Divisional Council on the way forward. But this is simply the tip of the iceberg of her wide and sustained range of Senate service over many years. We are pleased to join with our colleagues in celebrating her contributions through the Berkeley Faculty Service Award.

  • Joseph Cerny
    Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

    Professor Joseph Cerny is a professor emeritus of chemistry. Professor Cerny had served as the Dean of the Graduate Division for the University of California, Berkeley for over 15 years (1985-2000). During this period he also held the position of Provost for Research (1986-94), and subsequently Vice Chancellor for Research (1994-2000).

    Professor Cerny has been an outstanding, internationally-known champion of higher education. As the graduate dean, he worked closely with the Academic Senate’s Graduate Council in enhancing Berkeley’s graduate education. Many activities he initiated, such as the Graduate Student Instructor Teaching and Resource Center, the Graduate Assistant Advisory Board, and financed workshops on dissertation writing, have been critical in promoting the research and excellence in graduate education.

    Professor Cerny also developed an important approach, the widely-modeled Survey of Doctoral Students’ Opinion, to evaluate the quality of the graduate programs and student experience at Berkeley. His work revealed the direct connections of the success of students in graduate schools to the quality of advising, the financial support, and other factors. This informational questionnaire is now an effective guide for the departmental chairs and review committees in making continual adjustments throughout all phases of graduate education.

    During his tenure at UC Berkeley, Professor Cerny successfully established the Graduate Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, the Graduate Opportunity Program, and the Summer Research Opportunity Program. These programs have helped Berkeley to attract graduate students from a diverse population. He also introduced the mandatory health insurance plan for graduate students, the tuition reduction program for nonresident students advanced to candidacy, and a financial support structure during critical periods of studying for oral exams and writing dissertations to remove burdens on students with arduous tasks. Through these and many other innovative efforts, the average doctoral completion rate at UC Berkeley was increased by more than 10%.

    Professor Cerny also served on UC Merced's Senate Committee on Academic Personnel from its inception (2002-11; chair, 2008-11). This is an important system-wide service which entails representing that Division in all matters and policies relating to appointments, promotions, and academic personnel matters, and making recommendations to the Chancellor on these and other matters related to faculty quality.

    As summarized above, Professor Cerny’s service has made tremendous impact on UC Berkeley. For these reasons, the committee believes Professor Joseph Cerny would be an excellent addition to the current list of Berkeley Faculty Service Awards recipients.

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