American Cultures (AMCULT)

Evaluates courses with respect to Regulation 300 (Breadth Requirement in the study of American Cultures)

Committee Roster

American Cultures (AMCULT)

Estelle Tarica (Spanish & Portuguese) - Chair - full year only
Patricia Baquedano-Lopez (Education) - full year only
Mel Chen (GWS) - fall only
Gillian Hart (Geography) - spring only
James Holston (Anthropology) - full year only
Zeus Leonardo (Education) - full year only
James Porter (Rhetoric) - full year only
Katherine Snyder (English) - full year only
Bryan Wagner (English) - full year only
Student Members
Kathy Tran (ASUC) - full year only
Kriya Wong (ASUC) - full year only
Susanna Elm (History) - fall only
J. Theodore Pena (Classics/Italian Studies) - spring only
Ex Officio
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
By Invitation
Victoria Robinson (American Cultures Center) - Program Director - full year only
Sumali Tuchrello (Academic Senate)

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