Budget and Interdepartmental Relations (BIR)

Represents the Division in academic-appointment and promotion matters and in the allocation of resources. The committee meets every Thursday throughout the year, and it also meets every Tuesday during the spring.

Committee Roster

Budget and Interdepartmental Relations (BIR)

Stuart Russell (EECS) - Chair - full year only
Patricia Berger (History of Art) - full year only
Kris Gutierrez (Education) - full year only
John Kuriyan (MCB / Chemistry) - full year only
Michael Lucey (French) - full year only
Roya Maboudian (Chem Eng) - full year only
Raka Ray (Sociology / SSEAS) - full year only
Rhonda Righter (IEOR) - full year only
Chris Shannon (Economics / Mathematics) - full year only
Ex Officio
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
Aimee Larsen (Academic Senate)

Upcoming Meetings

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Committee Annual Reports