Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI) Handbook

University of California, Berkeley

Last Revised 01/27/17

PDF Version

Table of Contents

1. General COCI Information

1.1 Academic Senate Regulations and COCI Procedures

1.1.1 Berkeley Division By-law 33: Committee on Courses of Instruction Membership

1.1.2 Standing Order of the Regents 105.2 (b)

1.2 The Responsibilities of COCI and of Academic Units

1.3 Variances

2. Courses

2.1 Course Approval Process

2.1.1 New Courses

2.1.2 Changes to Existing Courses

2.1.3 Final Examinations Final Assessment in New Courses Changing the Method of Final Assessment in Approved/Existing Courses Permanent Change Temporary Change Regulations Related to Final Exams

2.1.4 Withdrawals

2.1.5 How to Submit Course Proposals

2.1.6 Timing for Course Approvals

2.1.7 Notification of Course Approval Status

2.1.8 Levels of COCI Review

2.1.9 Course Descriptions

2.1.10 Criteria Used in Course Review

2.1.11 Summer Courses

2.1.12 RRR Week

2.2 Classification of Courses

2.2.1 SR 740: Classification of Courses

2.2.2 Additional Restrictions on Course Numbers

2.2.3 Re-using Course Numbers

2.2.4 Approved Instructional Formats

2.2.5 Prefixes and Suffixes

2.2.6 Related Courses

2.2.7 Cross-Listed Courses and Room Shares

2.2.8 Prerequisites

2.3 Course Credit

2.3.1 Designation of Unit Value

2.3.2 Maximum Allotment of Units

2.3.3 Courses that May Be Repeated for Credit

2.4 Special Studies Courses

2.4.1 Student-Facilitated Group Study (98/198, including “DeCal” Courses)

2.5 Web-based and Online Courses

2.6 Pruning

2.7 Creation of Course Codes

3. Variances

3.1. Instructors of Record

3.1.1 Guidelines for Instructors of Record for Lower Division Courses

3.1.2 Guidelines for Acting Instructor-Graduate Students

3.1.3 Submitting Requests for AI-GS Approval

3.1.4 Guidelines for Instructors in “XB” Courses

3.1.5 Instructional Title Codes

3.1.6 SR 750 Related to Instructors

3.1.7 BR A250 Related to Instructors

3.1.8 Regulations Related to Instructors of University Extension Courses

3.2 Final Examinations

3.2.1 Changing Final Exam Group

3.3 Grades

3.3.1 Procedures for Grade Appeals Based on the Alleged Use of Non-Academic Criteria General Comments Informal Resolution of Contested Grades Formal Grievance Process

3.3.2 Changing Grades

3.3.3 Incomplete (I) Grades

3.3.4 In Progress (IP) Grading in Sequence Courses

3.3.5 Duplication of Credit by an Independent Study Course

3.3.6 SR 780B Related to Grades

3.3.7 BR A201, A202, A203, A204, A205, A207 Related to Grades

3.4 American Cultures Breadth Requirement

3.4.1 American Cultures Variance Requests

3.4.2 BR 300 Related to the American Cultures Breadth Requirement

3.5 Degrees

3.5.1 Graduation Under Suspension of the Regulations

3.5.2 Senior Residence Requirement

3.5.3 Unit Requirement Waivers for Undergraduates

3.5.4 Rescission of Degrees

3.5.5 Posthumous Academic Awards

3.5.6 SR 634 Related to Degrees

3.5.7 Berkeley Division By-law 100 Related to Degrees

3.5.8 BR A290 and A291 Related to Degrees

4. Appendices

4.1 Appendix 1: Guidelines for Approval of Intercampus Courses Originating Elsewhere than Berkeley

4.2 Appendix 2: Credit By Examination