Teaching (COT)

Promotes good teaching and evaluates candidates for the Distinguished Teaching Awards and awards educational grants.

Committee Roster

Teaching (COT)

Oliver O'Reilly (Mech Eng) - Chair - full year only
Laurent El Ghaoui (EECS) - full year only
Kristina Hill (Landscape Architecture) - full year only
Line Mikkelsen (Linguistics) - full year only
Debarati Sanyal (French) - full year only
K. Peter Vollhardt (Chemistry) - full year only
Student Members
Linda Chio (Grad Assembly) - full year only
Jagdeep Sekhon (ASUC) - full year only
Ex Officio
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
Richard Freishtat PhD (Center for Teaching & Learning)

Upcoming Meetings

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Committee Annual Reports

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