Diversity, Equity, and Campus Climate (DECC)

Reports to the Division annually on the progress of the campus in achieving equality of opportunity and a supportive campus climate for underrepresented and otherwise excluded groups.

Committee Roster

Diversity, Equity, and Campus Climate (DECC)

Donna Jones (English) - Chair - full year only
David Ahn (Economics) - full year only
Natalia Brizuela (Spanish & Portuguese) - full year only
Keith Feldman (Ethnic Studies) - full year only
Darlene Francis (Public Health) - UCOPE rep only - full year only
Rodney Hero (Political Science) - fall only
Alessandra Lanzara (Physics) - UCAADE rep - fall only
Khalid Mosalam (CEE) - full year only
Todd Olson (History of Art) - full year only
Lok Siu (Ethnic Studies) - UCAADE Rep - spring only
Chelsea Specht (PMB) - full year only
Susan Irene Stone (Social Welfare) - full year only
Minh-ha Trinh (GWS) - fall only
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen (Business) - full year only
Jen Chywan "Wally" Wang (NST) - full year only
Tarek Zohdi (Mech Eng) - full year only
Student Members
Yasmeen Ahmed (ASUC) - full year only
Emma Lucken (Graduate Assembly) - full year only
Ex Officio
Na'ilah Nasir (Office of Equity and Inclusion) - Vice Chancellor - nonvoting - full year only
Angelica Stacy (Office of Faculty Equity and Welfare) - Associate Vice Provost - nonvoting - full year only
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
Linda Corley (Academic Senate)

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