Demonstrations and Student Actions (DSA)

The Committee represents the Division in matters relating to demonstrations, protests, and similar actions on campus.

Committee Roster

Demonstrations and Student Actions (DSA)

Anant Sahai (EECS) - Chair - full year only
Stanley Klein (Optometry) - Vice Chair - full year only
Michael Cassidy (CEE) - full year only
Seth Holmes (Public Health) - spring only
Robert Van Houweling (Political Science) - full year only
Seth Yalcin (Philosophy) - full year only
Maciej Zworski (Mathematics) - full year only
Student Members
Yasmeen Ahmed (ASUC) - full year only
Lindsay Rosenfeld (Grad Assembly) - full year only
Ex Officio
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
Andrea Green Rush (Academic Senate / Executive Director)

Upcoming Meetings

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Committee Annual Reports