Privilege and Tenure (PT)

The Committee on Privilege and Tenure is charged with adjudicating the following types of matters: grievance cases, where a member of the Senate claims injury through the violation of his/her rights and privileges; disciplinary cases, where a member of the Senate is accused of having violated the Faculty Code of Conduct; and early termination cases, where a Senate or non-Senate faculty member challenges whether there is good cause for his/her early termination. Its findings and recommendations are advisory to the chancellor.

Committee Roster

Privilege and Tenure (PT)

Vern Paxson (EECS) - Chair - full year only
Diliana Angelova (History of Art) - full year only
Mary Elizabeth Berry (History) - full year only
Jennifer A. Chatman (Business) - full year only
Allen Goldstein (ESPM) - full year only
Sharon Inkelas (Linguistics) - full year only
Taeku Lee (Political Science/Law) - full year only
Daniel McKinsey (Physics) - full year only
Samuel Otter (English) - full year only
Ex Officio
Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair - nonvoting
Andrea Green Rush (Academic Senate / Executive Director)

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Committee Annual Reports

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