The Committee on Privilege and Tenure has jurisdiction over three categories of cases:

In cases of personnel review involving tenure, promotion, or reappointment, such grievances may be based only on allegations: (a) that the procedures were not in consonance with the applicable rules and requirements of the University or any of its Divisions, and/or (b) that the challenged decision was reached on the basis of impermissible criteria, including --but not limited to-- race, sex, or political conviction. The committee is empowered to determine the validity of the grievances under (a) or (b) but is not empowered to re-evaluate the academic qualifications or professional competence of the grievant.

Senate members are asked to consult the Faculty Ombudsperson and Panel of Counselors before forwarding a case to the Committee on Privilege & Tenure.

Each committee member has agreed to abide by the Committee's recusal policy.