Exercises administrative and coordinating functions in the Graduate Division.

Committee Roster 2016-17


  • Whendee Silver (ESPM) - Chair
  • John Battles (ESPM) - Vice Chair - fall only
  • Eric Falci (English) - Vice Chair - spring only


  • Wendy Brown (Political Science)
  • Silvia Bunge (Psychology)
  • Margaret Chowning (History)
  • Sandrine Dudoit (Public Health)
  • Michael Iarocci (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Philip Kaminsky (IEOR)
  • Holger Mueller (Physics)
  • Daniel Neumark (Chemistry) - CCGA Rep
  • Matthew Potts (ESPM)
  • Ann Swidler (Sociology)
  • Jon Wilkening (Mathematics)
Student Members

  • Panayota Rigas (NST)
  • Mary Shi (Sociology)
  • Sonia Travaglini (Mech Eng)

Ex Officio

  • Fiona Doyle (MSE) - Graduate Division Dean
  • Robert Powell (Political Science) - Division Chair (nonvoting)

By Invitation

  • Kim Voss (Sociology) - Graduate Division Associate Dean (nonvoting)


Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on Mondays from 2:00-4:30 p.m. in 320 Stephens Hall. Please contact the committee analyst for meeting information.


Annual Report

Please contact the committee analyst for additional reports.