Hears complaints from officers of instruction regarding various matters of academic appointment, tenure, and promotion. The principles and processes governing its conduct are set forth in Academic Senate bylaws 334, 335, 336, and 337. Meets as needed.

More on Privilege & Tenure

Committee Members

  • Vern Paxson (EECS), Chair
  • Diliana Angelova (Art Hist)
  • Mary Berry (Hist)
  • Jennifer Chatman (Bus Ad)
  • Allen Goldstein (ESPM)
  • Sharon Inkelas (Ling) + UCP&T rep
  • Daniel McKinsey (Physics)
  • Taeku Lee (Poli Sci)
  • Samuel Otter (Engl)

  • Ex Officio:
  • Robert Powell (Poli Sci), Division Chair [non-voting]
  •  Contact:
  • Andrea Green Rush, Executive Director