How do I change the email address you use to notify me about these elections?

Our email notifications use the CALmessages service. To ensure that emails are being sent to the correct email address, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Authenticate yourself by clicking on the “Authenticate” button.
  3. Under “Person Information,” click on the “Edit Person Information” button.  A page entitled “Update Person Information” will appear.
  4. Scroll to the bottom box entitled “Email and IM Information.” Under “Official Email Address,” type in the e-mail address at which you would like to receive CALmessages.

If you still do not receive CALmessages at the correct e-mail address after following these steps, then contact for help.

I do not want to or cannot vote online. How do I request a paper ballot?

All paper ballot requests must be submitted in advance of the start of the election. Notifications are sent out to all voters to ensure they have the opportunity to request a paper ballot if necessary. In case of extenuating circumstances, please contact Election Support and provide your name, professional title, department, phone, and reason for your request.

How do I turn off my web browser's pop-up blocker?

In the process of submitting your vote, the system will open into a new browser window. We recommend that you disable any pop-up blockers if you are having trouble viewing the ballot. We have included instructions for commonly used web browsers below:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools button and choose Internet Options (If you have Internet Explorer version 6, choose Tools from the menu and then Internet Options). Click on the Privacy tab and un-check the box labelled "Turn on the popup blocker".
  • Firefox running on Microsoft Windows: At the top of the Firefox window, select the Tools menu, and select Options. Select Content and deselect the pop-up blocker setting
  • Firefox running on Macintosh: On the menu bar, select the Firefox menu, and select Preferences. Select Content and deselect the pop-up blocker setting.
  • Safari on a Macintosh: Click on the Safari Menu, then uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows"
What are the minimum browser requirements for using the online voting system?

The Senate Voting System has been designed and tested to be compatible with modern web browsers, including the latest versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Explorer/Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Voting can also be done on mobile devices. The site does make use of JavaScript, so be sure that this is enabled; in most browsers this is the default setting meaning you won't need to change anything. We recommend that you disable any pop-up blockers if you are having trouble viewing the ballot, see the previous question for more information.