Step 3 – Choosing Candidates

Step 3 – Choosing Candidates

After login, you will see the eBallot page with the ballots for the Divisional Council and the Committee on Committees:

Ballot selection page


The name of the election and the date the voting will close are shown at the top of the page. You will also see your CalNet ID number in “Logged In As.”  General voting instructions are shown in the tabbed box on the right of the page.


Select the candidate(s) you wish to vote for by checking the box next to their name. Limitations on the number of candidates to select is shown next to the name of the committee.



Once you have selected the candidates for whom you want to vote, click on the yellow “Next” arrow at the bottom of the page.



Ballot candidate details page


The candidates are grouped under the committees for which they have been nominated.  The names of faculty who are nominating each candidate and a statement (if available) are shown in the right tabbed box when you click on the “details” link associated with the candidate. A link to each candidate's faculty webpage is also included.