After login, you will be presented with the page containing the ballot for the active election. In the case of the annual Senate elections, the ballots will be for the Divisional Council and the Committee on Committees:

Initial ballot page for annual Senate election


The name of the election and the date the voting will close are shown at the top of the page.  General voting instructions are shown in the tabbed box on the right of the page.

Select the candidate(s) you wish to vote for by checking the box next to their name. Limitations on the number of candidates to select is shown in the voting instructions above that section of the ballot.




Candidate Information Popup BoxThe candidates are grouped under the committees for which they have been nominated.  Information on the candidate is avaiable through the link on their name. Clicking the candidates name will show a box including their nominators, links to  their websites, and, if available, a statement from the candidate.

Once you have selected the candidates for whom you wish to vote, click the "Vote" button. If your selection includes more candidates than allowed, you will be returned to the ballot page on which a message will let you know that the ballot contained an error. Correct the selection and resubmit the vote to continue.

Ballot Error Message