1. Functions

The Berkeley Division is a committee of the Academic Senate.

It has authority to:

  • Organize, select its own officers and committees, adopt rules for the conduct of its business;
  • Receive and consider reports and recommendations from the Faculties of colleges and schools located wholly or partly on the Berkeley Campus, from its Divisional committees, from local administrative officers, and from other Divisions;
  • Originate and take final action on legislation substantially affecting only the Division;
  • Establish Faculties in schools and colleges located wholly on the Berkeley Campus;
  • Transmit directly to the President resolutions on any matter of University concern, with copies to the Assembly of the Academic Senate;
  • Initiate Memorials to The Regents; and
  • Submit reports and recommendations to the Senate or to the Assembly concerning changes in Senate legislation and such other matters as it may deem appropriate.