17. Committees

(CC. 10.89, 3.92; Am. 11.8.07, 11.13.08, 11.3.10; EC 12.08)
  1. Membership
    • This Committee has eight members, who are elected in accordance with Senate and Division By-Laws. 
    • It chooses its own Chair, who is also a member of the Grievance Board as provided in By-Law 13
  1. Terms and Vacancies
    • Four members are elected each year to serve for two years beginning the first day of instruction in the Fall.
    • When a vacancy in its own membership occurs, the Committee, subject to confirmation by the Divisional Council, may appoint a member of the Division to serve the unexpired part of the term. (CC. 10.89)
    • The Committee is instructed to give consideration to nominees not elected but receiving the highest vote in the immediately preceding election.
  1. Duties

This Committee appoints:

    • The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Parliamentarian of the Division; 
    • All other Standing Committees;
    • Special Committees as the Division may direct;
    • Faculty Representative to the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California, who also serves on the Grievance Board, as provided in By-Law 13.C;
    • Student members to Committees on Educational Affairs (By-Law 13);
    • Nominees for appointment to administrative committees when called upon by the Chancellor; nominees to all positions on the Chancellor's Committee for Animal Care and Use, except for non-Senate and outside University members;
    • Nominees to all non-chair positions on the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, except for non-Senate and outside University members. (En. 11.13.08)