2. Membership

(Am. 9.91, 4.25.05, 4.27.06)
  1. Members of the Division are:     
    • The President;
    • The Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Provosts, Deans, Directors of academic programs, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Registrar, and chief Librarian at Berkeley; (EC. 11.21.00; CC 05.01.19)
    • All Professors, Professors in Residence, Professors of Clinical , and Acting Professors;
    • Associate Professors, Associate Professors in Residence, Associate Professors of Clinical, and Acting Associate Professors;
    • Assistant Professors, Assistant Professors in Residence, and Assistant Professors of Clinical;    
    • Instructors, Instructors in Residence;
    • Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment, Lecturers with Security of Employment, Senior Lecturers with Potential for Security of Employment, and Lecturers with Potential for Security of Employment, with full time teaching responsibilities in curricula under the control of the Academic Senate, whose duties lie primarily in Berkeley; and
    • Those Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors of statewide units who choose to enroll in this Division.
  1. Instructors and Instructors in Residence of less than two years' service have no vote.
  2. Membership does not lapse because of leave of absence or transfer to emeritus status.
  3. The Committee on Rules and Elections determines whether a person meets the requirements for membership. (CC. 10.25.94)