23. Ombudspersons

(Am. 3.92, 10.19.00)
  1. Membership

This is a committee of at least three.  

  1. Duties

Members of the committee hear complaints, except as noted below, from academic personnel regarding actions by members of the Division and other officers of the University, by students, or by staff.

  1. Procedures
    • They are not required to hear, to investigate, or to act on complaints, but may do so if they choose; they may refer complaints to other agencies of the University.
    • When investigating a complaint, they may question members of the Division and may have access to relevant documents of the Division or its agencies, except for the confidential files of the Committee on Budget and Interdepartmental Relations.
    • After completing their investigation, they may make recommendations to appropriate agencies of the University.
    • Files of the Committee shall be confidential. Reports or public statements of the Ombudspersons Committee will, under no circumstances, make reference to specific information in confidential personnel files.
    • The Ombudspersons will not hear complaints that fall within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure unless referred to them by that Committee but they may take cognizance of complaints alleging improper procedures by the Committee on Privilege and Tenure.