26. Rules and Elections

(Am. 10.25.94, 11.8.07, 04.29.21; EC 05.03.17)
  1. Membership

This Committee consists of at least three Senate members.  The Secretary of the Division shall serve as chair of this committee.

  1. Duties
    1. This Committee prepares and reports to the Division, or to any of its Faculties, such changes and additions to their By-Laws and Regulations as it deems advisable;
      • Formally supervises all changes and additions to the By-Laws and Regulations proposed by other committees or by individuals;
      • Edits and publishes the Manual of the Berkeley Division at such intervals as it deems expedient; and
      • Determines whether a person meets the conditions for membership in the Division.
    1. By vote of the Division, issues of interpretation of Divisional legislation may be referred to this Committee for decision and report.
      • Such decisions are subject to review by the Division, either when the report is made or on petition signed by twenty-five voting members of the Division.  The final date for filing such petitions is ten days after the minutes of the meeting of the Division reporting the decision are made available.
      • If the Division does not approve the report of the Committee, the Committee must at once draft legislation which expresses the intent of the Division.
    1. This Committee supervises all elections of the Division and voting on propositions submitted to the Division. (Senate By-Law 340 and Berkeley Division By-Law 9)

Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, election is by a plurality of votes cast.