30. Academic Planning and Resource Allocation

(Am. 9.91, 3.92, 4.24.08, 5.3.16, 05.03.17)
  1. Membership

This Committee has at least twelve members, including a Chair, a Vice Chair, at least six Senate members, and the following four ex officio voting members:  Vice Chair of the Divisional Council, Chair of the Library Committee, the President of the Associated Students of the University of California (Berkeley), and the Campus Affairs Vice President of the Graduate Assembly.10

  1. Duties
    1. Confers with and advises the Chancellor on policy regarding academic and physical planning, budget, and resource allocation, both annual and long range.
    2. Initiates studies in planning and budget matters, and if necessary to accomplish the study, authorizes establishment of ad hoc committees.
    3. Maintains liaison with other Committees of the Division on matters relating to budget and planning.
    4. Reports regularly to the Divisional Council and to the Division.


10 See By-law 13.C.