33. Courses of Instruction

(Am. 10.25.94, 4.29.97, 11.13.03, 4.27.06, 11.3.10, 11.7.12; EC 05.03.17)
  1. Membership
    • This Committee consists of at least thirteen Senate members, the Secretary of the Division and the chair of the Subcommittee on the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures as ex-officio members, three student members, and the Registrar, ex officio, as a non-voting member.10
    • To implement the Breadth Requirement in the study of American Cultures, the Division orders its Committee on Committees to provide members for a panel of at least nine, two of whom will be student members, which will decide what courses satisfy Regulation 300. This panel is to function as a Subcommittee of the Division's Committee on Courses of Instruction. The Chair of this Subcommittee will serve, ex officio, as a member of the Committee on Courses of Instruction. The terms of reference of the Subcommittee on the Breadth Requirement in American Cultures are in Regulation 300, interpreted according to guidelines implicit in the Report of the Special Committee on Education and Ethnicity. (Res.4.89)
  1. Term of Office

The term of office of the Committee begins on Monday of the third week of instruction in the Fall term.

  1. Duties
    1. Reviews, coordinates, and takes final action on all matters relating to courses of instruction, including approval of new courses; modification, withdrawal, conduct, credit valuation, and classification of existing courses; and consults with and advises departments and individual members of the Division on courses of instruction.
    2. Gives full consideration to the views and conclusions of appropriate departments, departmental committees and representatives, and faculty members when matters related to their courses of instruction come before the Committee.
    3. Neither advises on, nor has any jurisdiction over, courses in the School of Law. [SOR 105.2(b)]
    4. Acts on behalf of the Division in reviewing recommendations from the colleges, schools, and Graduate Council concerning the award of degrees, certificates, and honors (See By-Law 100).
    5. Reviews and takes final action on requests for exceptions to Division Regulations governing courses of instruction and the awarding of degrees, certificates, and honors. 


10 See By-law 13.C.