35. Diversity, Equity, and Campus Climate

(En. 5.1.14, Am. 5.3.16)
  1. Membership

This Committee consists of at least twelve Senate members, two student members, and, as ex officio non-voting members, the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion and the Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty.10

  1. Duties
    1. Encourage and aid departments in strengthening their efforts to foster and achieve equality of opportunity for academic personnel, students, and academic programs;
    2. Undertake studies of institutional policies and practices that relate to equity and diversity; recommend changes to the Berkeley Division and relevant campus units accordingly;
    3. Review information on the status of affirmative action, campus climate, and diversity provided by the campus and University administrators; make recommendations regarding said findings to the Divisional Council;
    4. Report to the Division annually on the progress of the campus in achieving equality of opportunity and a supportive campus climate for underrepresented and otherwise excluded groups;
    5. Advise, aid, and review academic preparation and development programs (from pre-college to graduate level) in order to help such programs encourage and aid students who have encountered restricted educational opportunities;
    6. Maintain liaison with relevant administrative committees and councils, and with University committees concerned with issues of affirmative action and diversity;
    7. Represent the Division on all matters concerned with student affirmative action and diversity including efforts to monitor and to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups who enter undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. In this regard, the committee will promote efforts to support these students in the successful completion of their programs; and
    8. Nominate to the Division annually the recipient(s) of the Leon A. Henkin Citation for Distinguished Service.


10 See By-law 13.C.