36. Faculty Athletics Council

(En. 04.30.20)
  1. Membership

This Committee consists of at least five Senate members, a Senate member of the Undergraduate Council, the Faculty Athletics Representative as an ex officio member, two student members10, who should be current student-athletes, and the Intercollegiate Athletics Senior Woman Administrator (or designate), ex officio, as a nonvoting member. The Chair is designated by the Committee on Committees from among the appointed members.

  1. Duties
    • Advises the Senate and Administration on matters pertaining to the welfare of student-athletes both in and out of the classroom.
    • Advises the Senate and Administration on Intercollegiate Athletics department policies and administration.
    • Monitors the Faculty Fellows program.
    • Reports to Divisional Council at the end of each academic year.


10 See By-law 13.C.