45. Teaching

(CC. 10.89, Am. 3.92, 4.29.04, 5.1.14, 05.04.23; EC. 10.20.14)
  1. Membership

This Committee has at least eleven Senate members, of whom a minimum of two should be past recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award; and three student members, two undergraduate and one graduate.10

  1. Duties
    • Study issues concerning teaching and general pedagogy innovations and best practicies on the campus and make recommendations to the Berkeley Division.
    • Through its subcommittees, encourage and aid departments and the campus to strengthen efforts to foster, recognize, and reward good teaching by:
      • Nominating members of the Faculty for approval by the Divisional Council to receive Distinguished Teaching Awards and other awards as appropriate.
      • Providing regular feedback to the Center for Teaching and Learning on outreach and engagement practices.
      • Reviewing campus updates on the use of core academic technologies and supported campus learning tools.
      • Collaborating with the academic advising community to address issues of concern.


10 See By-law 13.C.