45. Teaching

(CC. 10.89, Am. 3.92, 4.29.04, 5.1.14; EC. 10.20.14)
  1. Membership

This Committee has at least five Senate members, of whom a minimum of two should be past recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award, and two student members, one undergraduate and one graduate.10

  1. Duties
    • Encourage and aid departments to strengthen their efforts to foster, recognize, and reward good teaching;
    • Nominate members of the Faculty for approval by the Divisional Council to receive Distinguished Teaching Awards and other awards as appropriate. Upon request from the Chancellor or members of the Chancellor’s cabinet, solicit and submit nominations of faculty members as potential recipients of external awards for teaching;
    • Advise the administration on the allocation of resources for instructional improvement and development; and
    • Undertake special activities to improve teaching and learning on campus.
    • Study issues concerning teaching on the campus and make recommendations to the Berkeley Division.


10 See By-law 13.C.