72. College of Chemistry

(Am 9.91, CC. 10.89, EC.11.91)

In addition to ex officio members, By-Law 64, members of this Faculty are:

  1. Deans of the Colleges of Engineering, Letters and Science, and Natural Resources; Dean of the Walter A. Haas School of Business, Deans of the Schools of Pharmacy (San Francisco), and Public Health.
  2. The Department Chair, or a representative designated by the Chair, from the Departments of:

Entomological Sciences                                        Nutritional Sciences

Geology and Geophysics                                      Plant Biology

Integrative Biology                                                 Soil Science

Molecular and Cell Biology                                   

  1. The Chairs of the Biology, Physical Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences Councils.
  2. Department and Division Chairs in the College of Engineering;
  3. Departmental representatives designated by the Department Chair as follows:
    • Three from the Department of Mathematics;
    • Three from the Department of Physics.
  1. All members of the Division who are members of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.