74. Graduate School of Education

(CC. 7.1.06)

In addition to ex officio members, By-Law 64, members of this Faculty are:

  1. All members of the Division who are members of the Department of Education;
  2. Members selected from among the departments, colleges and schools of the Berkeley Campus, representing subjects taught in the public schools and disciplines which are foundations of educational theory and practice.
    • Selection of such members, their numbers, and terms of service are recommended to the School by the Standing Committee on Membership.
  1. Supervisors of Teacher Education who have served three or more years as full-time officers of instruction in the School of Education.
    • On matters concerning which the Faculty makes recommendations to the Berkeley Division, these Supervisors may participate and vote;
    • On matters concerning which the Faculty takes final action on authority delegated by the Senate, they may participate as non-voting members.