76. College of Engineering

(Am. 9.91)

In addition to ex officio members, By-Law 64, members of this Faculty are:

  1. Deans of the Colleges of Chemistry, Environmental Design, Letters and Science, and Natural Resources; and Deans of the Walter A. Haas School of Business and the School of Public Health. (CC. 11.8.05)
  2. All members of the Division who are members of departments assigned to the College of Engineering.
  3. Chairs of the Departments of:

Chemistry                                                               Mathematics

Chemical Engineering                                           Physics

Geology and Geophysics                                      Statistics

  1. One representative nominated by each other department giving courses prescribed in the curricula of the College of Engineering.
  2. Such other members of the Senate as the Dean of the College may nominate because of their contribution in teaching or research to the field of engineering.