88. College of Natural Resources

(Am. 9.91)

In addition to ex officio members, By-Law 64, members of this Faculty are:

  1. All members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate who are members of Departments assigned to the College of Natural Resources.
  2. Four representatives from the College of Letters and Science, including at least one from the biological sciences, one from the social sciences, and one from the humanities.
  3. One representative each from the:
    • Colleges of Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Design;
    • Walter A. Haas School of Business, Schools of Education, Public Health;
    • Graduate School of Journalism, Richard and Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy. (CC. 7.1.97 )
  1. Up to five members of the Berkeley Division at large to be appointed by the Executive Committee in its capacity as the Committee on Committees.

Each representative designated under Sections 2,3,4 above serves one year or until a successor is selected.