9. Division Elections [3]

(En. 11.8.07, Am. 04.29.21)
  1. General Provisions

Subject to provisions in these By-Laws, all Divisional elections are to be conducted by electronic means, unless the Division Secretary, in consultation with the Committee on Rules and Elections, decides that an election shall be conducted by other means.       

  1. Notice of Election

Not fewer than 30 days of instruction prior to the election, the Secretary must send to each voting member of the Division a Notice of the Election.

  1. Nominating Petitions
    • Nominating Petitions must be filed with the Secretary within 10 days of instruction after the Notice of Election has been sent.
    • A Nominating Petition must be signed by five voting members of the Division, and must state the departmental affiliation of the nominee and nominators.
    • The nominee must accept the nomination.
  1. Voting
    • At least 14 calendar days before the Election, the Secretary must make available to each voter a ballot of all nominees, stating their nominators and departmental affiliation of each.
    • Each voter will have access to a secure voting system that is administered by the Academic Senate office.
    • The voting system will authenticate the identity of each voter and separate the identity of each voter from his or her vote to maintain the confidentiality of the voting process.
    • The voting system will be designed so that once a vote has been cast, neither the voter nor anyone with access to the system can change the vote.
  1. Election of At-Large Members to the Divisional Council
    • At-Large members shall be elected at the same time as members of the Committee on Committees and in the manner outlined in this By-Law, except that the number of nominations must be at least twice as many as there are places to be filled; the Committee on Committees will add the necessary number of nominees to complete the slate if the number of Nominating Petitions received from the membership is fewer than the number required.
  1. Election of Committee on Committees Members
    • Committee members are elected in accordance with Senate and Berkeley Division By-Laws.
    • Candidates receiving votes on at least 35% of the valid returned ballots are to be declared elected.
    • If more candidates receive votes on at least 35% of the valid ballots cast than there are vacancies to be filled, those having the highest percentage are to be declared elected.
    • If fewer candidates receive votes on at least 35% of the valid ballots cast than there are vacancies, a second ballot must be taken. It must list the nominees not elected but receiving the highest percentage on the first ballot, but not to exceed twice the number of remaining vacancies.  (CC. 12.6.07)
    • Those receiving the highest percentage on the second ballot are to be declared elected for such vacancies as exist. A tie for the last vacancy is broken by lot.


3 By-law 9 contains sections of By-laws that were amended at the 4.26.01 Division meeting.