1001. Master of Public Policy Degree (M.P.P.)

(CC. 12.2015)

The Degree of Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) will be granted under the following conditions. The candidate must have:

  1. Fulfilled requirements for admission in accordance with provisions of Regulation 1000;
  2. Completed a two-year program of graduate study, or equivalent, as specified by the Faculty of the School.
    • This program will consist of graduate and upper division courses in the School and related departments of the University, which are designated to develop knowledge of, skill in, and sensitivity to the methods and substance of public policy analyses.
  1. Completed either a major policy study or a thesis prepared in accordance with rules of the Graduate Council, under conditions as stated by the Faculty of the School.
  2. Maintained a scholarship of not less than 3 grade points per unit in all upper division and graduate courses undertaken in graduate residence at the University of California.
    • No course in which a grade lower than C- is assigned may be counted in satisfaction of the requirements for the degree.