1051. Master's Degree Requirements

(Am. 11.04.19)

The Degree of Master of Social Welfare (M.S.W.) will be granted to students who:

  1. Have been admitted to the School in accordance with provisions of Regulation 1050.
  2. Have spent two years, or equivalent, in graduate study in Social Welfare, including at least one year in residence at the University of California (Berkeley); or
  3. If admitted to the School with Advanced Standing status, have spent one year, or two semesters, in graduate study in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley.
  4. Have completed a course of study, specified by the Faculty of the School, consisting of upper division, graduate, and professional courses in the School, and related departments of the University, designed to achieve proficiency in the areas of social welfare policy and services, human behavior and social environment, and methods of social work practice.
    • This includes satisfactory completion of:
      1. a thesis; or
      2. courses in methods of social research; or
      3. examinations in methods of social research as prescribed by the Faculty.
  1. Have maintained a cumulative average grade not lower than B in those upper division and graduate courses undertaken in graduate residence at the University of California.