1510. Master of Fine Arts Degree

(EC 05.03.22)

The Degree (M.F.A.) will be granted on the following conditions.

  1. Admission
    • To be admitted to the curricula leading to this degree the candidate must have received a Bachelor of Arts degree in the practice of art and a Master of Arts degree in the practice of art, or their equivalents, from the University of California or from another college or university of approved standing.
    • The candidate must have had such preparation as may be prescribed by the Department of Art.
    • Admission of each candidate is subject to approval of the Department of Art.
  1. Requirements
    • The candidate must have completed, with a minimum average grade of B, a prescribed program equivalent to two semesters of full-time graduate study, both of which must be study in residence at the Berkeley Campus.
    • The program must include at least 24 units in graduate courses and completion of a comprehensive project.
    • The student may be asked to present themself for an oral interview concerning their work and will be expected to submit a record of the work in a form acceptable to the faculty of the department. (Am. 3.83)
  1. Grade Requirements
    • Only courses in which a candidate is assigned grades A, B, or C, with or without affixes, may be counted in satisfaction of the requirements for the Degree.
    • The candidate must maintain an average of not less than three grade points per unit in all courses required or elected during the candidate’s residence at the University of California as a graduate student.
  1. Department Regulations

The Department of Art is permitted to adopt regulations concerning requirements for the degree of M.F.A., provided that all departmental regulations pertaining to these matters be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate Division and be approved by the Graduate Council. (En. 3.83)