2001. Foreign Language Requirement

(Am. 3.83, 11.21.13)
  1. Options

Unless a blanket exemption has been approved by the Graduate Council at the request of the doctoral program, a prospective candidate for the Ph.D. degree must satisfy the foreign language requirement by one of the following options before the student is admitted to the qualifying examination, the choice to be determined, in the case of each student, by the department or program primarily concerned with the student’s proposed field of study.

    1. The student must demonstrate a reading knowledge of two languages by passing an examination in each, set by the department or program concerned.
      • The department or program determines whether a dictionary may be used; the length of the passage, and the time allotted are subject to regulation by the Graduate Council.
      • For one of the examinations, the student may, subject to approval of department or program concerned, substitute a four-semester (or equivalent) sequence of courses in that language of university level, passed with an average grade of C or better.
      • The Graduate Council establishes general policies respecting such sequences, including time limits beyond which they no longer carry credit, and authorizes the Dean, upon recommendation of the department or program concerned to accept language courses taken at another institution.     
    1. The student may elect to satisfy the requirement by demonstrating an exceptionally thorough reading knowledge and an adequate knowledge of the grammatical structure of a single language. Such command is tested as the Graduate Council directs.
    2. The student must demonstrate a reading knowledge of one language by passing an examination set by the department or program concerned.
      • The conditions governing this examination or substitution of coursework for it and Graduate Council oversight are the same as those outlined in paragraph A.1.
  1. Option Provisions

The following provisions govern the applications of the options above:

    1. The terms "languages" and "language" refer to any language certified to the Graduate Council by the departments concerned.
    2. Students who by virtue of background have a native speaker's command of a certified language will be considered to have met the language requirement as specified in paragraph A.2.
      • Standards for evidence of background will be established by the Graduate Council.
    1. Departments will conduct periodic review of their procedures for fulfillment of the language requirement and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean. Changes in departmental procedure should be brought to the Dean’s attention; specification of requirements lower than, or markedly different from, those established here can be accomplished at the discretion of the Graduate Council on petition by departments.
    2. The Dean will periodically review administration of the language requirement to determine whether standards set by the Graduate Council are being maintained, and report his or her recommendations to the Council.