2002. Candidacy Requirements

  1. A prospective candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must hold a Bachelor's degree from one of the academic colleges of this University, or must have pursued successfully a course of study equivalent to that represented by such a degree.
    • A program of study must be approved by the Graduate Council, embracing a field of study previously approved by the department or group of departments concerned, and extending over a period of at least two years, the last of which ordinarily must be spent in continuous residence at this University.
    • But, recommendation for the degree is based rather on the attainments of the candidate than on length of time of study; and in many cases, owing to the nature of the subjects or other circumstances, more than two years' time will be found necessary.
  1. The field of study to be chosen by the student may lie in one department, except for essential related subjects, or it may represent combinations of departments.