2006. Dissertation and Final Examination

(EC 05.03.22)
  1. A dissertation on a subject chosen by the candidate and bearing on the principal subject of study, and of such character as to show power to prosecute independent investigation, must receive approval of the special committee in charge of the dissertation (section D below), and of the Graduate Council before the degree is recommended.
    • Special emphasis will be laid upon this requirement, and the Degree will, in no case, be given merely for faithful completion of a course of study, however extensive.
  1. Not later than the last day of the semester in which the degree is to be conferred, the candidate must file with the Dean of the Graduate Division, for subsequent deposition in the University Library, the dissertation approved by the committee in charge.
    • Candidates must present the completed final copy of the dissertation to their committees three weeks before the last day of the semester, or, in the case of those filing under Plan A, three weeks before the proposed date of the final examination.
    • The Graduate Council may, however, in special cases under Plan A, authorize taking of the final examination before the dissertation is completed.
  1. The dissertation must be prepared in such form as may be prescribed by the Graduate Council.
  2. The candidate is subject to provisions either of Plan A or Plan B, as outlined below, depending upon the department or group of departments primarily concerned with the candidate’s field of study.
    • Each department or group of departments is required to adopt one of the two plans. 

Plan A

The Graduate Council appoints a committee of five members, which determines whether or not the candidate has met requirements for the Degree in accordance with the following procedure:

    1. Three members of the committee are designated to guide the candidate in their research and to pass on the merits of the candidate’s dissertation.
    2. The whole committee conducts a final oral examination that deals primarily with questions arising from the relationship of the dissertation to the general field of study in which the subject of the dissertation lies.
    3. Admission to the final examination may be restricted to members of the committee, members of the Academic Senate, and guests of equivalent rank at other institutions.

Plan B

    • The Graduate Council appoints a committee of three members, which guides the candidate in their research and passes upon the merits of the candidate’s dissertation.
    • This committee arranges for such conferences with the candidate as may be necessary for complete elucidation of the subject treated in the dissertation.
    • After submission of the dissertation, but before final action has been taken upon it, the candidate may, at the discretion of the committee, be required to defend it in a formal oral examination.