2050. Authorization | Requirements | Certificate


  1. The Academic Senate authorizes the Graduate Division, Berkeley, to issue a Certificate in Russian and East European Studies to students who complete the curriculum as prescribed by the Graduate Council, Berkeley, and who meet regulations for the Degree of Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy in a related discipline.


  1. All courses offered in satisfaction of requirements for this Certificate must be completed with a B average.
  2. The student must demonstrate, by examination, an acceptable reading knowledge of one East European language.


  1. Should the candidate elect to demonstrate by examination proficiency in speaking an East European language, the Certificate awarded will bear the following statement:

 "Passed the examination in spoken . . . . . . . . . . (language)."

  1. The Certificate in Russian and East European Studies shall read as follows:


This is to certify that has completed the curriculum in Russian and East European Studies at the University of California in conjunction with the completion of a program of studies in  leading to the Degree of

(space for spoken language endorsement)

Dated at Berkeley, California, on the day of two thousand and

Dean of the Graduate Division


President of the University

(See SR 730, 732, 734 and 735) (EC. 11.28.00)