352. Bachelor of Science Degree

(Am. 3.83, 2.86, 4.1.93, 11.13.08)
  1. The degree of Bachelor of Science is granted on the following conditions; the candidate must have:
    1. completed at least 120 semester hours of college work, and must have satisfied the general University requirements of SR 630, 634, 636 and 638; and Berkeley Regulation 300. (CC. 4.89)
    2. completed in the Walter A. Haas School of Business, 60 semesters hours of such work as the Faculty of the School have prescribed. This total of 60 semester hours may, however, be reduced in the case of students admitted with advanced standing (see Regulation 350.B; for an exception, see SR 642).          
    3. maintained at least a C average in all courses taken in residence at the University of California.
    4. completed a minimum of 38 upper division business units and a minimum of 12 upper division non-business units. Completed 7 breadth requirements. Completed all core courses with a grade of C- or better. Core courses with grades of D+ or below must be repeated.        
  2. The Walter A. Haas School of Business may recommend for Honors such students as it judges worthy of that distinction in accordance with Regulation A270.