500. Master of Arts in Teaching Degree

(Am. 3.83)

The degree of Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) will be granted under the following conditions:

  1. The candidate must have fulfilled the requirements for admission set by the Graduate Council.
  2. The candidate's program for the M.A.T. degree will be such that the recipient must have satisfied all requirements to be certified to teach in the State of California. Proposals for establishment of such program in any field of specialization must be instituted jointly by the Faculty of the School of Education (Berkeley) and the department or departments immediately concerned.
  3. The candidate must have completed a minimum of 16 semester units in Education and 16 semester units in the academic field of the candidate’s future teaching. These 32 units are to be taken after the A.B. and at least 12 of the total sum of units must be in graduate courses.
  4. The candidate must have completed appropriate field work beyond student teaching. This field work is to be related to teaching.
  5. The candidate must have maintained a scholarship average of at least three grade points per unit in all work undertaken for the degree at the University of California. No course in which a grade lower than C- is assigned may be counted in, satisfaction of requirements for the degree.
  6. The candidate must have completed a written project supplementary to, or in conjunction with, required course work, but growing out of laboratory experience in schools and drawing together theory of the specific discipline and its implications for teaching.
  7. Candidates who have satisfactorily completed requirements for the degree, as attested by recommendations of the committee in charge of their respective programs will be recommended by the Faculty of the School of Education to the Graduate Council.