556. Curricula Requirements

(Am. 3.83, 10.25.93, 5.3.16, 11.30.20, 05.15.21, 05.04.23)
  1. Curricula in those fields of Engineering in which the College is prepared to offer instruction shall be published in the Berkeley Academic Guide or the College of Engineering Undergraduate Guide after approval by the Faculty of the College.
  2. Each curriculum (except those offered through Engineering Science) must include no fewer than 20 units of upper division courses in the major engineering department offering the curriculum, and a minimum of 40 units of engineering coursework. 
  3. Any technical course (math, science, engineering) that can be used to fulfill a requirement for the student's major must be taken on a letter graded basis, unless only offered on a P/NP basis, or unless approved to be taken P/NP by the Faculty of the College.
  4. Six courses, of a minimum three semester units each, in humanities and social sciences, selected from an approved list, are required of all curricula for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Two of the six courses must be from the approved Reading and Composition course list (one from list “A” and one from list “B”), and two must be upper division courses. The Reading and Composition courses must be taken for a letter grade; a minimum grade of C- is required. Courses taken in satisfaction of the six course humanities and social sciences requirement must be selected from a list approved by the Undergraduate Study Committee, or by the Dean or Dean's representative under parameters set by the Undergraduate Study Committee. 
  5. A student must be admitted to, and officially declared in, one of the approved Engineering curricula, and follow the curricula as prescribed.
    1. Students admitted to the College as undeclared must officially declare a major by no later than the end of the fourth semester.
    2. Transfer students are not eligible to change majors, including adding a second major in the College of Engineering.
  1. Credit assigned in a particular subject by the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools to a student entering the College of Engineering may be applied in satisfaction of the prescribed work in that subject in the curriculum of the College only insofar as proper authorities of the College, acting on recommendation of the department concerned, approve the substitution.