565. Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.)

  1. Requirements

The candidate must have:

    1. Received the Bachelor's degree from the University of California in one of its engineering curricula so chosen as to provide an adequate preparation for the candidate’s proposed major field of study, or must have successfully pursued a course of study equivalent to that represented by such a degree;
    2. Completed at least two years of graduate residence at the University of California;
    3. Completed a program of study in one of the major professional fields of engineering approved as such by the Graduate Council.
      • The program of study will normally include such preparation in fields other than engineering as will provide broad support for the candidate's Professional studies, and must be approved in each case by the Department.
  1. Candidacy
    1. Before advancement to candidacy for the degree, the student must have passed qualifying examinations in the major professional field and in such supporting minor fields as the Department in each case designates.
      • The Department may, as it deems appropriate, require of any prospective candidate an examination in reading knowledge of a foreign language.
    1. The candidate must have submitted an acceptable dissertation in a field of professional application, which must demonstrate, through comprehensive analysis or design, a grasp of economic or other feasibility factors, as well as a knowledge of the technical features of the problem with which it deals.
    2. Except as otherwise provided in this regulation, procedure before and during candidacy for the degree is to conform to that provided for the Ph.D. degree under Plan B (see Regulation 2006).