566. Master of Translational Medicine Degree

(CC. 7.13)
  1. Degree (M.T.M.)

The candidate must:

    1. Have completed requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in one of the Colleges or Schools of the University of California or at another college or university of approved standing;
    2. Have completed at least two semesters of graduate study in residence at the University of California;
      • a program of at least 24 semester units of approved upper division and graduate courses pertinent to the field of translational medicine, with at least 12 units of the 24 being strictly graduate courses in the major subject;
      • at least 10 units of the 24 must be in courses oriented toward bioengineering (including designated capstone project units);
      • at least 6 units of the 24 must be in courses oriented toward clinical research and development (including designated capstone project units);
      • at least 8 units of the 24 must be in courses oriented toward business, entrepreneurship, and technology;
      • at least 6 of the 24 units must be in the capstone project work, and must be distributed between the “bioengineering” and “clinical R&D” components of the curriculum.
    1. Maintain an average grade of at least B in all course work undertaken as a graduate student at the University of California.
  1. Program
    1. The program of work of each candidate is to be under the supervision of both an Academic Adviser and a Research Adviser on the student’s home campus, as appointed by the bioengineering department chair on each campus.
    2. The program must include at least 6 units of team-based capstone project work, culminating in a written report and oral presentation. The student’s individual contribution to the project work will be assessed throughout the year by the Research Adviser, and the report and presentation will also be assessed by an additional Academic Senate faculty member in bioengineering. No more than 6 of the 24 specified units can be capstone project work.
    3. Subject to approval of the Graduate Council, the program of study is determined and administered by the Faculty of the College of Engineering, in consultation with parallel bodies in the School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy at UCSF.