807. Bachelor of Arts Degree

(Am. 2.85, 4.87, 3.31.92, 10.25.94, 4.25.05, 04.29.21; EC 05.03.22)

The degree of Bachelor of Arts will be granted upon the following conditions:

  1. Unit Requirements
    1. Minimum Units
      The candidate must have completed at least 120 units. In addition to any unit limitations specified by the University and Division:
      1. No more than 70 units of lower division transfer course work shall be counted toward the A.B. degree.
      2. No more than 4 units total of Physical Education units may be counted toward the A.B. degree.
      3. A maximum of 6 units of '300' and '400' courses may count toward the A.B. degree.
    1. Upper Division Units
      At least 36 units must be in upper division courses. Courses outside the College of Letters and Science may be included.
    2. Upper Division Units Outside the Major
      At least 6 of the 36 units must be in courses outside the major department.
  2. Residence Requirements
    A minimum of 18 units of upper division courses, including 12 units in upper division courses in the major, must be completed in residence in the College of Letters and Science. For students who meet the residence requirements as provided in SR 614, the requirement of 18 units in upper division courses is reduced to 16 (Am. 3.83).
  1. General Requirements
    The candidate must have satisfied the:
    1. General University requirements of SR 630, 634, 636, 638; and Berkeley Regulation 300. (CC. 4.89)
    2. Breadth requirements specified by the Faculty of the College.
      • Any student who has completed all of the Letters and Science breadth requirements, or the general education requirements, or the equivalent of either, at the University of California campus from which they transfer, may, upon petition, be credited with having completed the breadth requirements of this College.
    3. Requirements of a major program described in Regulations 809-812 (eff. Fall 1987).