810. Additional Requirements in Major Programs

(Am. 3.83, 04.29.21, 05.03.22)
  1. Departmental Major Programs
    • At least 15 units of specified courses must be required in common of all students electing the program; at least 6 of these 15 units must be upper division courses, and may include unit credit for a comprehensive examination (see SR 772.D).
    • Under special circumstances, the Executive Committee of the College may allow optional courses in the upper division component of the required 15 units.
  1. Group Major Programs
    • These programs may be set up by conference between two or more departments or members of two or more departments, subject to approval of the Executive Committee.
    • On petition of an individual student, the Executive Committee, without the necessity of formal action by any department, may approve a major or group major program for each student, and may designate a member of the faculty to act as adviser for such major or group major.
  1. Field Major Programs

These programs are established in each of the following fields:

Humanities               Social Science         Physical Science (eff. Fall 1989)  (CC. 10.89) (CC. 3.90)

    • Each field major program includes lower division courses necessary or desirable as preparation for the upper division courses.
    • Each student in a field major is required to take at least 12 units from a list of specified upper division courses; elective courses are included to bring the total up to 24-30 units of upper division courses (see Regulation 809.A).
    •  Each field major program will be drawn and administered by an appropriate standing committee of the Faculty of the College.