815. Honor Students

(Am. 3.83, 2.86)
  1. To receive Honors, students in the College of Letters and Science must meet the criteria set forth in Regulation A270.
  2. At the discretion of the Dean, an honor student may make study-list changes involving special courses of Honors Programs under suspension of the regulations fixing the time during which such changes are ordinarily permissible, and of the rules requiring fees for such changes. The student is expected to report promptly to the Dean concerning proposed changes.
  3. Honor students who have senior standing and have met criteria set forth in Regulation A270 in the junior year at the University of California have the following additional privileges:
    1. The class schedule total may be fewer than 13 units. (Am. 2.86)
    2. With the consent of the department or committee supervising the major program, requirements concerning specific courses or sequences in the major program may be set aside.
  4. Except as specifically provided, all existing regulations for students in the College apply to honor students. (CC. 2.85)