852. Master of Information and Data Science Degree

(CC. 10.13)

The Degree of Master of Information and Data Science (M.I.D.S.) shall be granted under the following conditions. The candidate must have:

  1. Fulfilled the requirements for admission in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 850.
  2. Completed the equivalent of a one-year program of graduate study, as specified by the Faculty of the School.  This program will consist of graduate level courses in the School and any approved electives offered by related departments of the University, which are designated to develop knowledge and skills in the methods and substance of mass-scale data science analysis.
  3. Completed, with an average grade of B or higher, the approved number of courses required by the Faculty of the School.
  4. Completed a final capstone project prepared in accordance with the rules of the Graduate Council under the conditions as stated by the Faculty of the School of Information.