875. Study Lists

(Am. 9.91, 10.25.93)
  1. Regular students must enroll for at least 13 units and not more than 19 units, except with approval of the Dean.
    • A maximum of one unit of lower division Physical Education may be added to the unit list without the Dean’s approval.
  1. Before enrolling in any courses for a regular semester, each student must file a proposed study list with an appropriately designated undergraduate adviser in the College. The proposed study list must be signed by both the student and the adviser and shall contain a list of proposed courses and alternate courses for the semester. A student’s final study list is subject to approval by the Dean of the College or the Dean’s authorized representative.          
  2. A student having more than 10 units of credit beyond the minimum number required for graduation must enroll for 3 or more courses that contribute toward fulfilling remaining degree requirements unless exempted by the Dean. (En. 3.83)