880. Honors in General Scholarship at Graduation with the Bachelor's Degree

(Am. 10.17.95; CC. 12/15/20, EC 05.03.22)

Members of the Academic Senate who are members of an RCNR department, or undergraduate major group, constitute the Committee on Honors for that major. Each such committee is delegated authority to prescribe criteria for Honors with the Bachelor’s Degree, subject to approval by the RCNR Courses and Curricula Committee, Regulation A270, and the following:11

  1. At any time not prior to the first semester of the Junior year, and not later than the first semester of the Senior year, a qualified RCNR student may enroll in the Honors Program if they have an overall grade-point average of 3.20, or higher, and meets further conditions as the committee on Honors for that major prescribes.
  2. A student must have completed the Honors Program of a major to be eligible for Honors with the Bachelor’s Degree, including enrollment for a minimum of 8-semster units in a departmental Honors Research (H196) under the direction of an RCNR faculty member.
    1. At the beginning of their Honors Research, students will submit a research proposal (no longer than 300 words) to the respective Departmental Honors Committee for approval. A copy of approved proposals will be forwarded to the RCNR Courses and Curricula Committee.
    2. At the conclusion of the Honors Research, students will submit to the respective Department and to the RCNR Courses and Curricula Committee a one-page summary of the activities undertaken, the research experience gained and results obtained.
    3. Students will participate in an RCNR Honors Research symposium at the end of the academic year. This symposium will be under the auspices of the Student-Faculty Relations Committee.
  1. Honors with the Bachelor’s degree are of three kinds: Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors. The criteria to be used in determining whether students receive Honors at graduation and the level of Honors to be awarded are determined by the UC-Berkeley grade-point average: A GPA that ranks in the top 3% is for Highest Honors, the next 7% is for High Honors, and the next 10% is for Honors in the Rausser College of Natural Resources.

(At the end of each academic year, the Registrar shall determine for each school and college the minimum grade-point average of the top 3%, the next 7%, and the next 10% of the students graduating in that year. These grade-point averages shall serve each College and School as minimal criteria for Honors during the next academic year.) (CC. 3.92, EC.00)

  1. Students enrolled in H196 will be eligible to receive special database training at the BioSciences Library, and additional benefits as individual departments decide.
  2. Candidates who receive Honors with the Bachelor’s Degree shall be so designated in their diplomas and in the List of Certificates, Degrees, and Honors together with specification of their respective major programs and grade of Honors.


11 Regulation A270 stipulates the criteria for eligibility for Honors to Date and Honors in General Scholarship at Graduation.