882. Master of Nutritional Science and Dietetics Degree

En. 03/22/22
  1. Admission Requirements

The candidate must have:
• Earned at least a bachelor’s degree granted by a U.S. regionally accredited college/university or foreign equivalent
• Established their eligibility for graduate standing at the University of California
• Complied with requirements regarding supervised training facilities, including insurance requirements, drug testing, criminal background checks, and immunizations

  1. Conditions

The degree of Master of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics (MNSD) will be granted on the following conditions:

    1. Admission
      1. Fulfilled requirements for admission in accordance with provisions of BDR 882A.
    1. Unit Requirements and Internship Training
    1. Completed a 4 semester plus one summer of graduate study and internship placements, or equivalent, as specified or deemed acceptable by the Faculty of the Program.
  1. Grades
    1. Only courses in which the grades of A, B, C, or S may be counted in satisfaction of requirements for the Master's Degree.
    2. No grade in which a grade lower than a C- is assigned may be counted in satisfaction of the requirements for the degree.
    3. The candidate must maintain an average of three grade points per unit in those courses and in all courses elected during the candidate’s residence as a graduate student at the University of California. "Satisfactory" grades will be disregarded for the purpose of counting the grade-point average.
  2. Capstone
    1. Complete a capstone element prepared in accordance with the rules of the Graduate Council, under conditions as stated by the faculty of the program.
    2. Satisfactory evaluation of the capstone element.