902. Doctor of Optometry Degree

The Degree Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) will be granted on the following conditions. The candidate must have:

  1. Completed with a B average (3.00) or better, all of the required courses and clinics in the four-year professional curriculum prescribed by a faculty committee appointed by the Faculty of the School of Optometry;
  2. Demonstrated suitability for a career in health care by complying with the School of Optometry’s policies and procedures related to professional conduct;
  3. Passed a clinical proficiency qualifying examination conducted by a committee of the clinical faculty;
  4. Indicated the capacity to make a substantial positive contribution to the health and welfare of the general public by having provided thorough and competent vision care to patients examined under the supervision of the School of Optometry faculty, both while serving as a clinical intern in the School of Optometry’s clinics and during clinical externships.