952. Master of Public Health Degree (M.P.H.)

(Am. 11.13.08, 3.83, 11.2.11, 5.1.14)
  1. Unit Requirements
    • The candidate must have completed at least 42 units of course work acceptable to the Faculty of the School of Public Health.
    • With approval of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of the School, a candidate may be authorized to present an acceptable thesis in lieu of four of the 42 units required.
  1. Grades
    • Only courses in which the candidate is assigned grades A, B, C (including plus or minus grades), or Satisfactory may be counted in satisfaction of requirements for the Master's Degree, except for core courses specified by the Faculty of the School of Public Health. The candidate must receive a letter grade of B- or higher in core courses.
    • The candidate must maintain an average of not less than three grade points per unit in all courses required or elected while enrolled as a graduate student at the University of California.
  1. Final Examination

A comprehensive final examination either in the field of specialization or in the general field of public health, as determined by the supervisory faculty committee, is required of each candidate.

  1. Field Training

The candidate must have complete at least twelve weeks of field training in an approved public health agency. This requirement may be met by previous qualifying experience.