954. Doctor of Public Health Degree (Dr P.H.)

(Am. 3.83, 9.91)

The Degree of Doctor Public Health will be granted on the following conditions. The candidate must have:

  1. Completed with a B average or better, basic courses equivalent to those required for the Degree of Master of Public Health at the University of California, and such additional courses as may be prescribed by a faculty committee appointed by the Executive Committee or the Faculty of the School, which will be responsible for appraising the candidate's academic and professional background;
  2. Demonstrated leadership ability either by:
    1. evidence of prior successful professional experience in a position involving exercise of substantial initiative and responsibility; or
    2. such other means as the Faculty of the School may prescribe.
  3. Passed a qualifying examination conducted by a committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Division.
  4. Completed in residence at the University of California at least one academic year of work involving advanced specialization in the particular field of public health for which the candidate is preparing.
  5. Indicated the capacity to make a substantial contribution to the advancement of the science and art of public health by submitting a dissertation which is relevant to the field of public health and is of such quality as to prove the candidate's ability to conduct an independent investigation, results of which are of importance and value to the field of public health.
    • The candidate will follow Plan B, as provided in Regulation 2006 for the Ph.D. degree at Berkeley. (Am. 3.83, 9.91)